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Telwin's know-how has its foundation pillars in 4 divisions: Automotive, Industrial, Professional and Consumer. These are the strong points of a system that always accompanies clients, helping them choose the product that best suits their needs. This is supported by important events – training courses, workshops, open houses, demonstrations – that are part of an articulated training/information program prepared by Telwin to help its clients enter a continually evolving market.

Automotive Division

This division proposes products for repairing and carrying out maintenance on vehicles, and is directed to body shops, repair shops, and garages. For the automotive market, which is characterized by fast technological development that has caused an almost constant use of new/specific materials such as HSS (High Resistance Steels), aluminum alloys, galvanized sheets, and more electronics to be used in vehicles; Telwin offers the widest and most complete range of products, studied and manufactured to satisfy the approved parameters of the most important Car Manufacturers.

Industrial Division

This division is dedicated to the industrial sector that works all types of metal, in particular steel, both special and common, for the manufacture of large structures, important components, and special parts of systems or complex equipment, i.e., anywhere high efficiency and productivity is demanded.
This is the world of transportation, building yards, heavy structural works, the energy industry and many other fields, where Telwin is present with innovative, high performance machines that combine the requirements of the operator with an extremely easiness of use granted by sophisticated electronic technologies.

Professional Division

This division is dedicated to the protagonists of the processing plant engineering, maintenance, and light industry sectors: forgers, sheet metal workers, plumbers, in other words all those who carry out a professional activity and who need extremely versatile, easy to handle, high performance products to do their job efficiently. Telwin products are used in as many fields as the types of metals involved: from steel to cast iron, to aluminum, nickel, copper, bronze, titanium and various alloys.

Consumer Division

This division specializes in DIY enthusiasts and domestic products, with which Telwin has always had a particularly intense and successful feeling. The ability to transfer the technology and functionality of professional products to household products which are simple, easy to use, but, at the same time, highly performing, is confirmed by the wide range of proposed models ranging from welding machines to battery chargers and starters, all of which are guaranteed by Telwin quality.

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