The last car coat you will ever need

ABOUT Always Dry

Always Dry USA is in the business of delivering the best and longest lasting protective coating technology in the market. We offer a complete line of protective coatings for total automotive surface protection. Our coatings have been designed to deliver maximum durability and stunning visual impact while protecting against harsh weather elements and day to day use.

9H-LDC is composed of high grade Quartz silica (ultra hard glass). Its nano ceramic particles form a permanent bond with a vehicles clear coat and becomes a functional part of the vehicles body. Unlike most 9H coatings, 9H-LDC PRO is a dual-composite structure that consist of two layers, one is the ultra hard 9H bottom layer and the other is a super slick top layer. Due to its unique structure it delivers the two most desirable effects, extreme hardness (protection) and extreme beading (self cleaning effect) in a single coating that is up to 10x stronger than factory clear coat.